Taiwan APM technology Limited by Share Ltd

APM- microelectronics, founded in 2015, inherited from the IR (International Rectifier) and the world’s advanced design and inheritance. After several years of development, it has made great progress in the BCD process, VD-Planar process, VD- Trench process, SJ-Mos, and SGT-Mos. Rad-Hard-Mos Proficient in 8 inches of the most advanced manufacturing process, at the same time close to the market, according to the market charge parameters required to design the best quality, most in line with the market characteristics of the product, proficient in the practical application of reliability control. Under the support of many technologies, our company is based on self-help innovation and is committed to “APM” independent product brand. It has R & D and sales center in Taiwan, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Wuxi and other places. At present, the products are sold abroad and used in various fields.

APM- microelectronics focuses on product development and market channel construction, focusing on providing better quality products to end customers and enhancing the competitiveness of products. With the pious attitude and the most rapid execution, I wholeheartedly provide our customers with high quality, innovative and low cost power semiconductor products and applications.
APM- microelectronics, with good faith and loyalty service, is dedicated to the development of power semiconductor and product development, and provides customers with high quality products as the core. Hope to establish a more innovative microelectronics industry with colleagues from all walks of life.


APM-Microelectronics Product application scope


Isolated product series:Power Adapter

Non segregated product series:Home appliance MCU power supply


Boost product series:Car ignition, Bluetooth peripherals
Step-down product series:Telecom network equipment, automotive electronics, DC circuit microcontroller power supply


12-29V:Brushless Motor
30-99V:Battery protection board, home appliance control
100V-499V:Nebulizer, 24V low power motor, de-strobe, non-isolated illumination
500V-900V:Power adapter, LED lighting